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Expired EPC's

Expired EPC's (over 10 years old) now have water marks. Although some might consider this to be pointless, and related articles explaining the change may use dramatic language, implying possible penalty's should an EPC be used when selling or renting a property out, it isn't actually mandatory to have an recent, valid EPC.

The main reason for the change was to highlight, in a visual, general form, that a property's heating system, or level of insulation may have changed since the expired EPC was lodged. This is quite likely since the initial agenda behind energy assessments to produce EPC's was to identify a property's heating and insulation short-falls, and recommend ways in which it could be made more energy efficient, in order to A. reduce the UK's carbon footprint as a whole, and B. save people money and make them more energy conscious.

So, if you've identified that your property has an out of date EPC don't worry, although a strong consideration for potential occupants is a property's running costs, and a more energy efficient property could be more desirable and potentially sell, or rent out for more?