Property Floor Plans

Floor plans

The property market can be competitive, and when it is you'll want to use any advantage you have at your disposal to attract buyers, or tenants. Searching for your ideal home can be stressful, and frustrating, so anything which helps a prospect with the process stands to make more of a positive impact. and why anything you can do to make your property stand out among the competition is worth considering.

With the rise in popularity of online property marketing, floor plans provide a birds-eye view of a property's layout. With room sizes and labels they give potential customers a better feel for a property, where photos might provide false impressions. 

They're also useful for planning layouts; they add extra detail to listings to attract more attention, and additional insight for customers before they view. Available in 2D or 3D, in custom colors and formats, and can include external features such as gardens and patios.

 2D Floor Plan

  • Professional and high-quality, suitable for online and print.
  • Clear and simple overview, with room sizes and custom labeling.
  • Colour scheme can be tailored to customers preference. 
  • Great for use in property particulars.
  • From just £50 inclusive.

  • Professional and high-quality, suitable for online and print.
  • Provide more depth and realism than 2D to help customers experience how a property might feel.
  • Great for use in property particulars, especially premium property listings.
  • From just £50 inclusive.
 3D Floor Plan